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How To Compare Home Insurance In Ireland: Must Read Before Buying

Looking for home insurance in Ireland and don’t know how to compare? Here are few tips to help you get the best deals.

Looking for home insurance in Ireland and don’t know how to compare? Here are few tips to help you get the best deals. 

The best advice you can get from other people before buying a home insurance in Ireland is to always “SHOP AROUND”. 

But it is important to know how to compare home insurances in Ireland. One of the most common mistake that most of us do is to go for the cheapest option available. 

We forget how valuable our homes and their content are. After years of hard work, we finally get to live in our own home.  

So, it’s important we keep our home safe and secure from unfortunate incidents. An easy way of doing this is by comparing different home insurances in Ireland. 



Now you might be wondering; How much should a house insurance cost in Ireland? 

Generally, the house insurance in Ireland could be anywhere around 160-700 euros per month. But these number are uncertain, as it depends on your home and its condition, and the extra options you want to activate. 

If you do a good comparison for home insurance in Ireland, then you would definitely find the best deal out there. Otherwise, you might end up paying extra premium with less benefits. 

So, comparing home insurance in Ireland is very important.  


Top 5 tips on how to compare home insurance Ireland 

Here are our 5 best tips on what to consider while comparing home insurances in Ireland: 


1. Always talk to brokers while comparing home insurances in Ireland 

One of the most common mistakes we do is not comparing home insurance price with the different insurance brokers and providers we have in Ireland. 

Brokers can help you get the best price for your house insurance and they could save you the hassle & time too. They would also help you compare home insurance from various providers and list out the best options in Ireland for you to pick from. 

So, all you have to do is pick the right one that meets all your requirements and covers all your needs. 


2. All risks covered 

While comparing home insurances in Ireland, you should look at the insurance deals that cover all risk. We assume all our valuable items would insured because they are expensive, but that is not true.

Usually, there are extra add-ons to cover all these expensive items. The premium might get a bit higher but it would definitely give you the peace of mind. 

If you have expensive items in the home, we would recommend you to consider the get the add-on to cover all your risks for all your items. 

Here are some of the extras that could be helpful: 

Accidental damage cover

This covers unintentional damage to the building or its contents. 

Personal possessions cover

This covers items you may take away with you from the home, also known as all-risks cover. 

Personal accident cover

It offers reassurance that you will receive financial support, should you or a family member residing in the home suffer from a personal accident. 

Legal protection

This extra is to protect you against the cost of legal expenses you may incur for claims under your home insurance policy. Insurers will often pay up to €65,000 to cover legal costs.  


3. Burglar alarms and fire and smoke detectors 

Don’t you love the feeling of being safe and secure while you are cooking, sleeping, or on a vacation? It feels great, doesn’t it? 

Generally, the house insurance quotes from brokers would be priced cheaper if you have burglar alarms and smoke detectors installed. That’s because insurance companies feel safe and secure too. 

These devices reduce the risk for the insurance companies and for you as well. When the risk is low, insurers are willing to offer better deals for your house insurance. And brokers are the best way of getting this kind of deals. 


4. Cost of rebuilding the home 

Imagine some unfortunate incident happened to your home and you need to rebuild it. You would be sad but at least you know that the insurance is going to cover the rebuild cost. 

But what if the insurance doesn't cover the rebuild cost and you have to pay extra? This could happen if you don't consider the market value of your home while buying insurance. 

That would be a terrible situation, right? Don't worry, you can avoid this situation by considering the rebuild cost! 

While you are comparing home insurance in Ireland you need to make sure that your cover is for the right amount of rebuild cost and in any unfortunate event you wouldn’t have to suffer a greater financial loss. 

Always know the current market value of your home, as the cost of rebuilding the home would be lower than the market value. By doing this you would be able to reduce the quote price by 20% while comparing the home insurance in Ireland.  

This is the reason why people should request insurance quotes from various brokers more often. 


5. Right amount for contents cover 

Another common mistake while getting a home insurance in Ireland is to overestimate the value of the contents and end up paying higher premium.  

For instance, you maybe have an Irish crystal set received as a gift from someone you love, so you’ll be tempted to overestimate its value based on its sentimental value when buying the cover. 

We need to understand that the insurance would cover you to just replace the content. The companies are not paying you extra for your items… then why would you pay extra premium for those? 

Always calculate the exact value of the contents and this could reduce the premium by 10-15%. So, make sure you mention the right amount while you compare home insurances in Ireland. 


To wrap up 

These were our five best tips to consider while you run your very own home insurance comparison in Ireland.  

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