Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tips to Secure Your House While on Holidays in 2023

Great security tips to protect your house while you are away

Lots of us are feeling like taking a break from normal life for a well-needed trip to relax and de-stress. After you have packed your bags and planned your itinerary, you lock up your house and leave for your trip. Of course, you never leave expecting that something bad will happen, but something like a break-in to your house can hamper your stress-free holiday.

Below we have some great security tips to protect your house while you are away.

Tip #1 – Home Security Systems 

There is no better way to secure your home while you are away on holidays than with a home security alarm system. With the technology available, you will be able to have a system with a control panel, door and window sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors. Depending on the system, you can even monitor your home using your mobile phone.

You should make your outside alarm box easy to see, as it will deter any burglars from coming near your home. With this in mind, you should also ensure that your alarm is monitored, which allows An Garda Síochána to respond to alarm events quickly.

It is essential that you check the alarm batteries. No matter how good your alarm system is, it won’t be beneficial to you if the batteries run out. Checking the batteries may seem like a simple idea, but it is one of the most beneficial forms of security in the event of any break-in.

Tip #2 – Keeping Watch

A simple, low tech way to make sure that your home is covered is by asking a reliable friend, neighbour or family member to drop by your house every now and then to make sure everything is ok. Ask them to check out your home more than once a week, check the family cars and get them to take any post you receive in so that it doesn’t build up and become obvious that you are away.

Tip #3 – Update/Secure Access Points

Sliding Latch Lock

Believe it or not, burglars are generally lazy. Yes, you are reading this right, lazy. As much as they want to steal your belongings, burglars prefer to take the easy choice and go after homes which are or look like an easy target. Doors and windows, for instance, which do not look sturdy or secure could attract burglars to your home while you are away on your holiday.

A suggestion is to go to your local DIY store and have a look at the different security items that they have. Talk to one of the salespeople, and ask them how you can secure your home or strengthen the area around your doors and windows. They work with items that can help you and will know the best thing for your specific needs. Some shops may even have a fitting service where they will carry out any work that is required.

Tip #4 – Lighting

Be sure to make it seem like you’re in your own home while you’re away. Lights that are connected to timers really should be set up in different rooms for various times of the day and night. You could also light up the porch using a time controller or light sensor. Install motion sensor lights at the front and rear of your house that will turn spotlights on to illuminate your garden if they sense the movement of something big like a person or vehicle. One thing to note about lights and sensors that you place outside your house is to make sure you position them out of arms reach so that they cannot be tampered with.

Tip #5 – Lawn & Hedges

Cutting Grass

One of the easiest ways for a burglar to spot if you are away from home is by looking at your garden. It is very easy to spot grass or hedges that have not been cut in a week or two, especially throughout the summer months. Before you leave for your holidays you should cut your grass or hedges and organise with a family member or neighbour to cut your grass weekly.

This will give the impression that you have not gone away and are at home. If your lawn and hedges look freshly cut or are kept neat they will believe that you are there and will be less likely to target your home due to you being away.

Tip #6 – Curtains & Blinds

Don’t close all the curtains in your own home when you go on holidays, mainly because this wouldn’t appear like someone was living there during the day. Think about it, when you get up in the morning you open your curtains. How often do you leave all your curtains closed all day? Keep your blinds and curtains open and simply just move expensive items out of direct sight instead. One step better would be to, again, turn to your family members or neighbours to open your curtains during the day and close them at night. This will give the impression that there is somebody living there as normal.

Tip #7 – Don’t Advertise

Social Media

Be sure that only people you know and trust are aware of your holiday plans. If you announce your plans to unknown people, they could use the information for an organised burglary. One thing you should never do is to advertise that you are going or are on holidays on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

There have been cases where people have done this and the day after they have left their house was broken into and burgled. It is extremely easy for messages and posts to spread around the internet in a very short space of time. If a burglar gets a hold of this message then they can see that your home is an easy target and plan to hit your home while you are away.

Tip #8 – Keep Your Valuables in a Safe

Any burglar knows that the first place to check for valuables is in the bedroom. This is why you should invest in a small safe to keep valuables secure. If you are unable to get a safe, it is best to consider putting the valuables somewhere unusual. A prime example of this would be to put them somewhere in the kitchen or the bathroom in an inconspicuous container. Fake food tins can be bought cheaply and are a great disguise. You could also ‘freeze your assets’ by putting your jewellery in a container in the freezer!

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