Friday, November 10, 2023

Understanding Tenants Rights in Ireland

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If you're renting in Ireland, it's crucial to know your tenants' rights. Being informed can make a significant difference in your renting experience. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, where we’ll explore tenants' rights and discuss the laws and responsibilities around private tenancy in Ireland. Plus, discover the importance of tenant contents insurance and how it can protect your valuable possessions during your tenancy. 


Understanding Your Tenants' Rights

As a tenant in Ireland, you have specific rights and responsibilities outlined by law. These rights ensure that you're protected throughout your tenancy. Here are some of the key rights to be aware of: 

1. Quiet and Exclusive Enjoyment 

If you’re wondering whether a landlord can enter your rented accommodation without permission, then the good news is, they can’t. You have the right to live in your rented property without unnecessary disturbances or interference from your landlord, other tenants, or neighbours.

2. Proper Notice

Your landlord must provide adequate notice before entering the property, typically 24 hours unless there's an emergency. This means that outside of an emergency, a landlord in Ireland can not enter without permission.

3. Repairs and Maintenance 

Your landlord is responsible for maintaining the property and ensuring it meets minimum physical standards. If you carry out any repairs that are the responsibility of the landlord, you’re entitled to be reimbursed.

Top tip: It’s important to ensure you secure contents insurance to mitigate the risks of damage from theft, fire or storms in your rental property. Got some questions about this? Read our blog!

4. Rent Reviews

If your lease agreement allows, your rent may be reviewed, but your landlord must follow specific procedures. You’re entitled to at least 90 days’ notice if your landlord wants to review the rent.

5. Protection from Eviction

Your landlord can only terminate your tenancy under certain conditions and must follow the correct legal process. For a more detailed list, visit Citizens Information.  



While understanding your rights is essential, don't forget to explore potential benefits like the rent tax credit in Ireland, which can help to reduce your financial burden as a tenant. In 2024, renters will be eligible to claim up to €750 per individual and €1,500 per couple.  


Tenant's Long-Term Rights in Ireland

You might be wondering what your tenants’ rights are after 5 years or more in your rented accommodation in Ireland. As a private tenant, your security of tenure is a fundamental right that provides protection and stability in your rented accommodation. This security typically applies automatically when you've been renting for six months and haven't received a valid termination notice from your landlord during this time. When you have security of tenure, your landlord can only terminate your tenancy for a limited number of reasons, which you can find linked above under “Protection from eviction”.  

The duration of your security of tenure depends on when your tenancy began. 

For Tenancies Created After 10 June 2022 

You enjoy a tenancy of unlimited duration. This means that if you've been renting a property for six months, you have the right to stay in that accommodation indefinitely, with no predetermined end date. However, your landlord can still terminate your tenancy for one of the allowed reasons. 

For Tenancies Created Before 10 June 2022 

You have the right to stay in your rented accommodation for up to six years after the initial six-month period. At the end of these six years, your landlord can end your tenancy without providing a specific reason, as permitted under the old rules. However, if your landlord chooses not to terminate your tenancy at this stage, it automatically becomes a tenancy of unlimited duration and has no set end date. 

Understanding these rights is vital for ensuring your security and peace of mind as a tenant in Ireland.


Importance of Tenant Contents Insurance

Understanding your tenants' rights in Ireland is vital for a secure and peaceful renting experience. However, while knowing this is essential, protecting your possessions is equally as important. Tenant’s insurance ensures your valuable belongings are covered in unforeseen circumstances, such as fire or theft. To learn more about insuring your rental property, read our blog. 

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