Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Top 5 Best Airbnb locations in Ireland 2023

Discover Ireland's top 5 best Airbnb destinations in 2023. Explore unique accommodations, natural beauty, and more. Start your adventure today.

If you're looking for the best Airbnb experience in Ireland, you're in the right place. These Airbnb gems offer not just a place to stay but an experience that can make your trip unforgettable. As an expert provider of Airbnb insurance, we've got your back with some of the most beloved spots around. So, let's set off on this exciting journey and discover the top 5 best Airbnb locations Ireland has
to offer in 2023. 



1. Dublin: One of the Best Airbnb Locations in Ireland

Starting our journey in the heart of the island is Dublin, the vibrant capital of Ireland. With its rich history, friendly locals, and bustling streets, Dublin has something for everyone. Explore the historic Trinity College and its priceless Book of Kells, enjoy a pint of Guinness at the iconic Gravity Bar in the Guinness Storehouse, or simply stroll along the river Liffey and immerse yourself in the city's energetic vibe. 

In Dublin, you'll find a variety of Airbnb options, from modern apartments overlooking the city to charming Georgian townhouses. Whether you're here for the history, the arts, or the legendary nightlife, Dublin is a city that doesn't disappoint.



2. Cork: Serenity by the Sea

Leaving Dublin behind, we journey south to Cork, a county known for its rugged coastline and picturesque countryside. Here, you'll find some of the quirkiest Airbnbs in Ireland. Stay in a lighthouse cottage, a treehouse by the sea, or even a castle that's been turned into a luxurious getaway. 

While in Cork, visit the vibrant English Market, explore the historic port town of Kinsale, or hike along the dramatic cliffs of Mizen Head. Venture to the Fota Island Wildlife Park, a top attraction where you can marvel at exotic wildlife and contribute to conservation efforts. And if you're a history enthusiast, a visit to Cobh, known as the Titanic's last port of call, is a must. Its heritage centre provides a fascinating glimpse into this maritime tragedy, making Cork a perfect blend of scenic beauty and rich history. Cork's blend of natural beauty, artisanal food, and unique Airbnb accommodations make it one of the best Irish destinations.  



3. Kilkenny: A Medieval Escape

In Kilkenny, you'll find a slice of medieval Ireland. Known for its historic buildings and vibrant arts scene, this county offers a unique and, in our opinion, one of the best Airbnb experiences in Ireland. Stay in an ancient castle, a charming, thatched cottage, or a stylish city apartment. 

Visit Kilkenny Castle, stroll through the Medieval Mile, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife with traditional music and dancing. Kilkenny's rich history and enchanting streets transport you back in time.  



4. Galway: A Musical Paradise

Our next stop takes us to the cultural hub of the west, Galway. This lively city is known for its traditional Irish music scene, with numerous pubs and street corners coming alive with melodies each evening. Here you’ll likely find some quirky Airbnbs in Ireland.  

Stay in a colourful townhouse or a cosy cottage in the Galway countryside, where the warm, welcoming atmosphere is the real treasure. Don't miss the enchanting Aran Islands, the stunning Cliffs of Moher, and the scenic Connemara region when you visit Galway. 



5. Mayo: The Wild West

Our final destination and another of the best locations to stay in an Irish Airbnb is County Mayo. A place where raw natural beauty dominates the landscape. From the rugged mountains of Connemara National Park to the pristine shores of Achill Island, Mayo is a dream for nature lovers. 

Opt for a traditional thatched cottage or a remote cabin by the sea. Discover the wild and untouched terrain, go hiking, fishing, or take a scenic road trip along the captivating coastal routes, all while enjoying some of the most unspoiled beaches Ireland has to offer. Speaking of long drives, here are the best car accessories you need for any great road trip!  


Ireland is a treasure trove of the best Airbnb experiences, waiting for you to explore its wonders. From the rugged beauty of Mayo to the charming villages of Kilkenny, every county offers something unique. And finding your perfect Airbnb getaway is easy. With Airbnb's user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly search through an array of accommodations to discover the one that suits your adventure. 

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